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Single Yarn

Single yarn is mainly designed for electronic fabrics and uses starch infiltants. It has good thermal cleaning performance. It is also suitable for general industrial use and has good weaving performance.

Product Detail
Product Code (English System)SizingTexBobbin TypeLength(M/Bobbin)Net Weight(KG/Bobbin)
EC BC3000 1/0 1.0ZY51.7BD21600000.27
EC BC1500 1/0 1.0ZY53.4BD21600000.54
EC BC150 1/0 1.0ZT934B4750002.53
EC C1200 1/0 1.0ZY54.2BD21530000.64
EC D900 1/0 1.0ZY5,Y625.6BD22040001.14
EC D450 1/0 1.0Z(0.8Z)Y511.2BD1/BD21660001.86
EC DE300 1/0 1.0ZY516.9BD11625002.75
EC DE150 1/0 0.7ZY334B41064003.62
EC DE75 1/0 0.7ZY3,T968B4/B3.6/H5/B852900(B4/B3.6)59500(H5)108800(B8)3.60(B4/B3.6)4.05(H5)7.40(B8)
EC DE37 1/0 0.7ZY3,T9136B4/B3.6259003.52
EC E225 1/0 1.0ZY322.5BD11424003.2
EC E110 1/0 1.0ZY345B8/B4161500(B8)81000(B4)7.27(B8)3.65(B4)
EC G150 1/0 0.7Z (0.5Z)Y1,T1,T41,T534B41064003.62
EC G75 1/0 0.7Z (0.5Z)Y1,Y12Y161,T1,T4168.7B8/B4/B3.6/H5125000(B8)52400(B4/B3.6)59500(H5)8.60(B8)3.60(B4/B3.6)4.09(H5)
EC G67 1/0 0.7ZY1,Y16174B81095008.1
EC G37 1/0 0.7Z (0.5Z)Y1,T1,T41,T5,T7136B8/B4/B3.663500(B8 Y1)62400(B8 T1/T41/T5/T725900(B4/B3.6)8.64(B8 Y1)8.49(B8 T1/T41/T5/T7)3.52(B4/B3.6)
EC G25 1/0 0.7ZY1204B8368007.5
EC H37 1/0 0.7ZY1,T1136B8/B462400(B8)25900(B4)8.49(B8)3.52(B4)
EC H25 1/0 0.7ZY1,T1204B8/B436800(B8)17700(B4)7.5(B8)3.6(B4)
EC H12 1/0 0.7ZY1,T1408B8184007.5
EC K37 1/0 0.7ZY1,T1136B8624008.49
EC K18 1/0 0.7ZY1,T1272B8316008.6

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