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Multi-end Roving

Alkali-free fiberglass multi-end roving is formed by multi strand fiberglass. Such rovings are divided into hard multi-end roving and soft multi-end roving. Hard multi-end roving is of some stiffness and mainly used in spray-up and SMC processes. 

Product Detail

Product CodeResin CompatibilityCompostie Manufacturing ProcessApplicationsProduct Features
10KUPVESpray-up, chopped strand for pipePipe, bathtub, double walled tank, etcFast wet-out, low resin-absorbing, excellent surface quality, general product for spray-up process
10AUPVESpray-up, spray-up process for automation manipulatorPipe, bathtub, swimming pool, etcModerate wet-out, good fittability, good product mechanical property, good manufacturability, can be used in spray-up process of manipulator
10LUPVEPUSpray-upLFIAuto parts, septic tank, etcexcellent choppability, able to meet the demand of high-speed cutting process for high-tex roving
107EBUPVEʯContinuous panelGypsum board, wallboardmedium-speed wet-out, good resin permeability, easy air-release, excellent product mechanical strength, excellent corrosion and aging resisdence
20UPVECSMRoving for fiberglass tissue, roving for headliner matVery low roving linear density, good dispersity, good choice for fiberglass tissue
91AUPPanelTranslucent panel, stitched matFast wet-out, good choppability and dispersity, low static, high strength,able to meet the demand of general panel or panel with lower transparency expectation
91A1UPPanelCSMDaylighting panel, transparent GRP sheetVery fast wet-out, good dispersity and transparency, high product strength, general product for transparent panel
98CUPCSMGeneral product for CSMGood choppability and dispersity, low static, fast wet-out, good surface quality of mat which is made by 98C
96AUPPanelDaylighting panel, transparent GRP sheet (good aging resistance)Good dispersity with some tension, less static, very fast wet-out, excellent transparency and weatherability, able to meet the demand of panel with high transparency
550EUPVEEPFilament winding, pultrusionElectric insulation bar, insulation tube, etcHigh strength, fast wet-out, good strand integrity, low fuzz, great insulation performance
560AUPVEEPFilament winding, pultrusionElectric insulation bar, insulation tube, general pultrusion products, etcGood dispersity, fast wet-out, well-adapted to different resins, great insulation performance and corrosion resistance
555MLEPPultrusionElectric insulation bar, pultrusion insulant productsGood wet-out, low fuzz, high strength, great insulation performance and corrosion resistance, high electrical breakdown
550EPFilament winding, pultrusionSports equipment, prepregsWell adapted to EP resin, good spreadability, Even fiber distribution of the finished product
55BUPVEPUPPSheetAutomotive headlinerGood choppability and dispersity, good adhesive property
55UPVESMCBathroom accessory, electrical components, control cabinet, etcGood choppability, low static, high solubility, high strength of the final product, white color
55MCUPSMCWater tank, FRP door, automotive structural parts, etcGood choppability, no static, medium solubility, high strength of the final product
58CUPVESMCAutomotive structural parts of high mechanical propertyGood choppability, no static, high solubility, excellent mechanical property
56CBUPVESMCBathtub, bathroom unit, etcgeneral roving for bathtub, small sheet thickness, high solubility, high strength of the final product, white color, excellent hot water resistance
56AUPVESMCBathtub, bathroom unit, etclow solubility in acetone, good wet-out, good fluidity during press molding process, well adapted to high viscosity resin

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