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Thermosetting Direct Roving

The direct roving is continuous single twistless roving used for hand lay-up, filament winding,pultrusion, and weaving processes.Such roving is applicable to unsaturated polyester resin (UP), vinyl ester resin (VE), phenolic res

Products Detail

Identification:      Identification:

Example: ECT469HT-2400

ECT: Boron Free E-Glass

469HT: Sizing Referencee

2400: Linear nominal weight of roving ( Tex)    

Product Detail

Product CodeGlass TypeResin CompatibilityCompostie Manufacturing ProcessProduct FeaturesApplications
469HTECTUPVEpultrusionSaving creel space due to high TexLarge FRP
469LECT/ECR/TMUPVEfilament winding,pultrusion, knitting/weaving,Low fuzz,excellent strength and fatigue propertiesWinding Pipe,Pultrusion Profile,Optical cable reinforced core, wind energy fabrics.
469PECT/ECR/TMUPVEpultrusionExcellent StrengthPultrusion Profile,Optical cable reinforced core
468ECT/ECR/TMEPprepregExcellent Strength,appropriate softnessWind energy blade,Sports Ware.
468AECT/ECR/TMEPfilament winding,pultrusion,compatible with EP-anhydride curing system,good electrical insulation performance,appropriate softness,good for weavingPipe,pressure tank,insulation tube
468GECT/TMEPfilament winding,knitting/weaving,excellent strength and fatigue propertiesWind energy EP blade
468GEECT/TMEPknittingWet out wet through and fatigue propertities better than 468GWind energy EP blade
468TECT/TMEPfilament windingBest to use in IPDA cured epoxy resin ,good boiling resistance property and also can be used in anhydride cured resin.Epoxy pipeCNG tank etc.
468HSECT/TMEPfilament winding,pultrusion,Low fuzzBoth fit IPDA and anhydride cured epoxy resin systems.Pressure vesselCNG tank etc.
465ECT/TMPFfilament winding,pultrusion, knitting/weaving,Good combination reaction property with PF.Excellent laminate strengthEvacuation platformantiflaming profiles
467RECT/TMPUfilament winding,pultrusion,Less migrationGood mechanical propertyLow fuzzPU poles and pultrusion profiles
467WECT/TMPUknittingGood associativity with PUExcellent mechanical and fatigue properties.PU wind turbine blade
469HECTUPVEEPPUfilament winding,pultrusion, knitting/weaving,coatingLow fuzzGood strand integrityFast wet outExcellent tensile strength and fit for many kinds of resins.Cable protective sleevePipe and profiles etc.
469EECT/TMUP/VEpultrusion,Pultrusion of composites products with good shear performancefolding resistancetemperature and boiling resistancePultrusion floatReinforced optical coreTent pole and profiles etc.
468BECT/TMEPfilament windingGood properties of blastingfatigue and boiling resistanceHigh pressure EP pipe


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